The Last Great Buying Opportunity 📈

Wednesday, August 12, 2020

📉 Both gold and silver prices retreated yesterday, after the recent new all-time record highs of over $2,000 an ounce, in the case of gold, and the near tripling in price of silver since mid-March. The step back on Tuesday was a highly anticipated price correction in the precious metals market. Gold declined more than $100 and silver nearly $4/oz.

The sell-off, was made up of profit-taking, and the move down is not surprising, as many analysts have been waiting for overbought gold and silver to consolidate before testing new highs. Presenting investors with another buying opportunity before prices resume upward.

Surging prices are the result of massive fiat money printing by the Federal Reserve & central banks around the world, and the inevitable consequences of currency debasement. That’s why the safe haven asset class has gained so much value in such a short time.

Yesterday’s correction has created a window of opportunity for investors to rebalance their portfolios appropriately. And a second chance for those who didn’t participate in this last rally in both gold and silver.

This brief pullback will be followed by yet another leg of the historical rally in both gold and silver.

“This gold price correction is just a case of price consolidation, and the longer-term bullish picture still remains intact”, said Joe Foster, portfolio manager of the VanEck International Investors Gold Fund, who maintains a $3,400 an ounce price target.

You have to go all the way back to the 1970s in that inflationary cycle to find negative real interest rates”. When gold prices soared over 1,000%.

“We are seeing the beginning of a bear market for the dollar, and that’s another bullish development for gold,” he said.

VanEck’s $3,400 an ounce price forecast is based on historical deflationary price cycles.

Gold could surge more than 100% and hit $4,000

Gold prices could explode more than 100% and hit $4,000 in the next three years, as central banks show little sign of reducing monetary stimulus, according to the CEO of US Global Investors.

“It’s quite easy to see gold going to $4,000. The fiscal and monetary conditions have never been stronger for gold prices.” And while the yellow metal already broke records by hitting $2,000 an ounce, the CEO of U.S. Global Investors, doubled down on his $4,000 an ounce by the end of this bull cycle call. “Price corrections can happen along the way, but gold investors should buy on the dip.”

Countries have launched unprecedented money-printing schemes that have exploded their money supplies at all-time record rate.

In just a single 30-day span…

The U.S government printed more dollars than in the 200 years following our nation’s founding.

And we aren’t alone…

Governments around the world have so far pledged $20 Trillion Dollars to fight the coronavirus.

That’s an incomprehensible number… and yet, our leaders are planning on spending 20 times that amount to prop up the global economy.

This is the reason gold just hit $2,000 for the first time in history.

Investors are waking up to the reality that the government is not interested in protecting the value of retirement-savings.

Gold provides proven protection against equity market declines, asset bubbles, global economic crisis and currency debasement (inflation.)

It has always been, and will continue to be, the ultimate form of “Financial Insurance” for good times and bad. Offering unparalleled profit potential, a proven track record of appreciation, privacy and wealth preservation.

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