"Ordinary paths to wealth are well-traveled and hence returns are low in relation to risk. For high gains, the individual must seek out little-known situations that are unfamiliar to the general public."
- Kamins Law of Economics.

Since 1982 we have helped thousands of Americans protect and grow their assets with tangible investments. For over 35 years, Liberty Financial & affiliates have been the trusted name in wealth management, with over $1 Billion in customer transactions. Our award winning ValueVesting system has consistently shown superior investment returns, and our commitment to excellence, has earned us a top consumer investment rating. In fact, over 98% of our customers continue to reinvest their money with us, and almost half of our new accounts are referred to us from existing customers. As a 'Golden Rule' company, our mission is the financial success of our customer partners. Our exclusive 'Best Value' Guarantee is unmatched in the industry and assures each customer of a positive transaction every time. We only have a limited number of new account openings available. So don't delay! There has never been a better time to secure your financial future than now.

"Over the last half century, the Federal Government has stolen 87 cents out of every dollar just to fund it's wasteful spending." - B. Wood, Economist.

With the unprecedented amount of sovereign debt being created by the Federal Reserve and central banks around the world, there has never been a better time to protect your wealth with Tangible investments. Providing proven protection against equity market declines, asset bubbles, global economic crisis and currency debasement (inflation.)

Since 2009 our national debt has exploded from $8 to $22 trillion dollars, hyper-inflating the stock, bond and real estate markets...And created the largest financial bubble in U.S. history.

Overvalued equity markets, and a monetary system overcome with indebtedness, is not a safe place to entrust your financial future.
Never forget that anything denominated in dollars (stocks, bonds, CD's) loses value with each passing month.

"Sooner or later the government, facing ever greater payments to service debt, will decide to embrace highly inflationary policies - that is issue more dollars to dilute the value of each."
- Warren Buffet

As one of the top rated wealth management companies in the nation, Our unique and innovative investment strategies will help you spend more time enjoying your life, and less time worrying about your money.

We offer exclusive oportunities that you won't find anywhere else, that provide safe and predictable ways to...

* Build your wealth and protect your assets, no matter what happens in the markets.
* Safely fund your IRA/401k retirement accounts with tangible investments.
* Receive cash "dividends"with a liquid portfolio of secured assets.
* 'Earn 19% annually in the guaranteed CD alternative.'
* Enjoy capital preservation, privacy and protection.

"When investing in Tangible Assets like Gold & Silver, you need to choose your sources wisely. Many dealers sell gold coins that are marked up well beyond market value. Liberty Financial has the lowest prices I have seen anywhere for certified U.S. gold and silver coins. At current prices, gold and silver coins are a tremendous value. Historically they have the opportunity to appreciate at a faster rate than bullion, and they have been exempt from government confiscation. I personally have done business with Liberty Financial and recommend them above anyone else."
- Pastor Doug Tjaden, author of "Fool's Gold" (2006), and "Overturn the Money Tables." (2018)

Buy gold once, collect royalties for Life

Pre 1933 United States gold coins are one of the best ways to store, preserve, and increase your wealth. Today, there is unprecedented value in these beautiful coins, which have been our specialty since 1982.

The 19% Silver CD Alternative

U.S. Silver coins were used as our nation's currency from 1787 until 1965. They have averaged an annual return of over 19% this century and are a great way to build wealth.

Tax Free Precious Metals investing

Never before have you been able to manage physical gold and silver from within an IRA just like you do stocks and bonds. Buy and sell it with just a few clicks of a mouse. You are in control!

Precious Metals Savings Account

Buying physical gold and silver shouldn't consume your time. You can set up a schedule. Build your savings and retirement automatically. Spend your time enjoying your life, instead of worrying about your investments.


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Financial security isn't an accident. The decisions you make today determine your future. Request our FREE Wealth Creation & Asset Protection guide.  It could be the most profitable decision you make.

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