New National Debt Milestone Signals Currency Crisis Ahead

Stefan Gleason

February 2022

The U.S. just reached a $30 trillion milestone.. Instead of signifying a great achievement, though, it serves as a dire warning for American workers, investors, and retirees.

On February 1st, the Treasury Department reported that total public debt outstanding surpassed $30,000,000,000,000.

Since 2009, the National debt has exploded, more than tripling from $8 to $30 trillion dollars, hyper inflating the stock, bond and real estate market & created the largest financial bubble in history.

Interest on the debt currently costs taxpayers $900 million per day, or $330 billion per year. Enormous as that sum may seem, it is artificially low at present due to depressed interest rates.

Despite talk of hiking later this year, the Federal Reserve continues to hold short-term rates near zero. It has also been actively intervening in the bond market to help keep a lid on longer-term bonds issued by Uncle Sam.

Were rates to normalize relative to inflation (which is running at 7% per the latest Consumer Price Index reading) debt servicing costs would become a full-fledged budgetary crisis. Without drastic cuts to outlays and/or increases in revenues, federal finances would enter a terminal death spiral.

One way or another, the coming debt crisis will morph into a currency crisis because “Free Money” from the Fed has a cost, of course. And that cost will be borne by holders of U.S. dollars and dollar-denominated IOUs who see their purchasing power steadily obliterated.

Wise investors can see the writing on the wall. They are taking steps to protect themselves now from the great currency debasement ahead.

The only “cash” with a proven track record of conserving purchasing power over time is real money – gold & silver. They cannot be debased by governments who print paper money at will, making their currency worth less every year.”

Never forget, anything denominated in dollars (stocks, bonds, CD’s, mutual funds) loses purchasing power with each passing day.

In fact, since 1972 gold has increased 58 times in value, while the U.S. dollar has lost 90% of its purchasing power.

Gold & silver provide essential ‘Financial Insurance’ that protects savings against equity market declines, asset bubbles, global unrest and currency debasement (inflation.)

In 2022 the stock market may get cut in half and money in the bank will lose much of its value. ( inflation ) But, gold & silver will continue to protect and grow wealth as it has for 5,000 years.

$30 Trillion Debt Will Cause Stampede to Safe-Haven Gold 💴
Gold is the perfect way to inflation-proof savings. Many renowned experts expect gold prices to soar to $5,000/oz due to U.S. dollar debasement.
During a currency crisis or 1970’s-style stagflation cycle, a rush to safe havens can produce spectacular bull market gains in gold & silver over and above inflation.

The 1970’s saw gold increase 20 times in value. And the last time conditions were even close to this good (2008) gold tripled in price and silver soared 500%, turning $200k into $1 million dollars in just 2.5 years.

Today you can use the dollar devaluation to make once-in-a-generation profits, and safely grow your retirement savings with no-risk, in U.S. Government issued gold.

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