🛡 2024 Wealth Creation & Asset Protection Guide

Wealth Creation & Asset Protection 💴

“The Time to Plan for Tomorrow is Today.”

In today’s uncertain political and economic environment, it is wise to seek out proven assets in order to preserve and increase one’s wealth.

For 5,000 years gold has been the most sought after form of asset protection. Protecting savings during economic crisis and market corrections. And growing wealth by outperforming stocks, bonds, real estate and every other investment asset.

Unlike a currency, gold can’t be hyperinflated away. Unlike a bond it cannot default. And unlike a company (stock) it cannot go bankrupt.

It’s value cannot be debased by governments, who print paper money at will, making their currencies worth less every year.

Since 1971, the year the United States severed the dollar’s link to gold, it has lost 86.5% of its purchasing power and is now worth 13.5¢. Over the same period, gold has appreciated 4,190%!

Wise investors have been diversifying with gold & silver for centuries, to limit their exposure to poorly executed monetary and fiscal polices.

Physical gold & silver represent a safer, sounder store of value than debt instruments denominated in fiat currency.

Overvalued Equity markets, and a monetary system overcome with indebtedness, is not a safe place to entrust your financial future.

Since 1929 there have been 20 major stock market crashes, about 1 every 5 years, with an average fall of 36%. In each case gold has held its value or appreciated greatly.

That’s why gold has been categorized as an essential Tier 1 asset by the G7. Financial planners and economists have long recommended that a minimum of 20% of investors assets be devoted to gold & silver as portfolio insurance.

To provide essential protection against: Asset bubbles, stock market declines, bank failures, global unrest & currency debasement. (inflation)

Today prudent investors are wisely diversifying their retirement-savings out of the unstable Equity markets, into the safety of gold & silver for long-term appreciation and protection.

As government spending has gone from irresponsible to reckless, America’s national debt has exploded from $8 trillion (2009) to $33 trillion dollars today! Hyperinflating the stock, bond and real estate markets. And creating the largest financial bubbles in U.S. history.

The time tested asset that protects savings against asset bubbles and dollar devaluation, is physical gold & silver.

Gold has maintained it’s value over time, better than any asset on earth. That makes it the best place to store your wealth.

As inflation makes our dollars worth less every day, more Americans are protecting their savings with physical gold & silver. A money that has no default risk and cannot be inflated away.

Gold is projected to triple in value to $5,000 an ounce by 2026. #1 Aden Forecast.

Investors today have another extraordinary opportunity to protect and grow IRA/401k assets with physical gold and double their retirement-savings value.

In 2024, the stock, bond and real estate markets may get cut in half. (crash) While money in the bank becomes worth less each month. (inflation) But gold will continue to protect & grow savings as it has for thousands of years.

Better than Bullion.

Pre-1933 U.S. gold & silver coins are the best way to preserve and increase wealth.

Long before the stock market existed, before our forefathers founded this great nation, even before the fall of the Roman Empire, gold & silver coins have been a passion and store of wealth for over 2,000 years.

Two of our founding fathers- Thomas Jefferson & John Adams were avid coin investors. And for decades U.S. gold coins have served as a discreet asset accumulation vehicle for some of the wealthiest families in America- like the Morgans (J.P. Morgan) Dupont’s ( DuPont chemical) Heinz (Ketchup) Bushnell’s (Bausch & Lomb) and Hunts (Oil) Not to mention several billionaires who wish to keep their privacy.

For conservative investors who want physical gold that is completely private and offers stronger upside potential than bullion, Government issued U.S. gold & silver coins have historical and numismatic value that bullion cannot match. Yet are comparably priced with bullion coins.

They offer the best combination of low price, low premium, fundamental scarcity, and strong track record of leverage to the bullion price.


Classic American gold & silver coins have been a popular method of storing wealth for generations. Which is no surprise, considering that they have outperformed the S&P 500 for the past 25 years, and appreciate at an average rate of 23% in years where inflation is at least 3%.

In fact, U.S. gold coins can and have soared more than 10-fold during previous bull markets! The last two saw coin prices rise 665% and 1,095% (PCGS 3,000 Index.)

If double digit returns, privacy and peace of mind are important to your investment strategy, than owning classic American gold & silver coins are the perfect estate planning and wealth accumulation vehicle.

Gold Ownership Benefits:

Opportunity. Strictly fixed and limited supplies of pre-1933 gold coins, along with increasing demand, assure future price increases.

Historic lows. With many U.S. gold coins having traded at 3 to 5 times their current levels. Today’s bargain prices give investors a once in generation opportunity to safely build wealth.

Privacy. Classic American gold & silver coins are one of the few assets remaining not required to be registered with any government agency, and can be bought and sold anonymously.

Protection. Unlike risky mining stocks or paper gold ETF’s, that may not even own the gold they claim. (Bloomberg) Gold & silver coins are tangible Investments that you hold in your hands.

Liquidity. Billions of dollars of certified U.S. coins are bought and sold daily on several nasdaq-like trading networks that rival the equity markets.n(CCE) Making certified U.S. coins the most liquid of all tangible investments.

Value. Our wholesale prices and exclusive guarantee assure the best values in the marketplace. In fact, you will receive up to 20% more gold & silver at no extra cost!

Guarantee. Liberty Financial guarantees to buy back your gold & silver coins for at least the full purchase you pay, or higher after 24 months. Giving investors unlimited profit potential, and no downside risk. Assuring each customer of a positive transaction every time.

Security. Gold offers unparalleled profit potential, a proven track record of appreciation, privacy and wealth preservation.

Timing. During the inflationary 1970’s, gold increased 20 times in value, while the stock, bond and real estate markets collapsed. We have re-entered the same cycle today.

Repositioning retirement-savings out of the unpredictable stock market, into secured Investments that offer long-term appreciation and stability, could be the best financial decision you ever make.

Never forget, anything denominated in dollars (stocks, bonds, mutual funds, CD’s, annuities) lose purchasing power with each passing month.

Beat inflation and use the great dollar devaluation to make once in a generation returns in guaranteed gold.

Since 1982, Liberty Financial has helped thousands of American’s secure their financial future with tangible investments. That provide a safe and predictable way to build wealth and protect retirement-savings.

Our expert advice and exclusive no-risk guarantee has earned us a top consumer rating, and made us one of the top wealth management companies in the nation.

  • Invest with unlimited profit potential and no risk, in America’s only guaranteed gold account.
  • Build your wealth and protect your assets, no matter what happens in the markets.
  • Safely fund your IRA/401k retirement accounts with tangible investments.
  • Receive up to 20% more investment value at no extra cost.
  • Enjoy capital preservation, privacy and protection.

Start today. There’s never been a better time to secure your financial future with gold & silver than now.
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