The Best Way To Own Gold

From 1795 until 1933 the United States used gold and silver coins as its money. However, during the Great Depression, the U.S. Government made it illegal to own gold. The ensuing confiscation and melt-down of our nation’s gold currency by the U.S. Treasury Dept in 1933 resulted in creating a unique gold investment that has outperformed other investments by a wide margin. In fact, this gold investment has been one of the safest and most profitable ways to invest in gold. It has enabled ordinary investors the opportunity to make hundreds of percent gains above the price of gold.


Complete privacy mandated by law.

United States gold coins minted before 1933 are one of the last private assets left in America for wealth accumulation and estate planning. What that means to investors is that by law they are exempt from disclosing private information to government agencies. As provided in the gold recall act of 1933, the purchase or sale of pre-1933 gold coins does not require any governmental reporting whatsoever.

Profit Potential

Investing in classic American gold coins can be one of the smartest investment decisions you will ever make. When the price of gold begins to rise, U.S. gold coins can, and have soared more than tenfold in previous bull markets. In the gold bull market of 1976-1980, prices rose 1,195%. In 1987-1989, they rose again by 665%. (PCGS 3,000 index) They also rose during the stock market crashes of 1974 and 1987, rewarding investors at a time when stocks and other assets were falling. We are now re-entering this cycle again today.

Superior Returns & Unparalleled Security.

As gold values continue to rise against a falling dollar, experts believe that $25,000 invested in U.S. gold coins today, could grow to $100,000 in the future, providing an unsurpassed wealth accumulation vehicle.

The Timing is Perfect.

Today premiums for classic American gold coins are at historic lows, creating an unprecedented investment opportunity. In fact, many U.S. Gold coins have traded at 3 to 5 times their current price levels! There has never been a better time to reposition your paper assets into the safety of U.S. gold coins.

Trusted Advice Since 1982

As wealth creation and asset protection specialists, we have helped thousands of investors secure their financial future with tangible investments. This is your opportunity to reposition your savings and retirement and assets out of the unpredictable stock and bond markets into the security of gold.