Earn up to 10 Times More than a Bank CD 🏦 And Safely Double your Money in as little as 12 Months with No-Risk 🛡

Traditional savings, money market accounts and bank CD's pay on average of just 3% per year. But with official inflation at 8% (CPI) and real inflation over 15%. Money in the bank is guaranteed to lose at least 10% of it's value over the next 12 months, through currency devaluation 💵 (Inflation)

So, earning a real return above inflation, without risking your principal, has been nearly impossible. Until now...

Liberty Financial's Exclusive 1 Year 37% Gold CD Alternative 💴 Unlimited Profit Potential with Principle Guaranteed 🛡

Gold has been the best performing financial asset over the last 20 years (2001-2021) Averaging 37% annual returns. It has outperformed every other investment vehicle (stocks, bonds, real estate) by a wide margin. And going back 50 years (1971) it's returns have been even more incredible. During the last half century, Gold has increased 58 times in value, while the U.S. dollar has lost 90% of its purchasing power! It has clearly been a superior alternative to paper money and continues to be the ultimate safe haven and best performing financial asset.

Unlike a fiat currency, gold’s value can never be hyperinflated away. Unlike a bond, it can never default. And unlike a publicly traded company (stock) it can never go bankrupt.

That makes protecting your wealth with gold essential. It's the only true safe harbor for your investments.

Since 1982, Liberty Financial has helped thousands of Americans convert rapidly depreciating paper money 💵 into honest money, gold & silver. That provide long-term appreciation and protection 💴

We're the only company in America that's offered guaranteed gold & silver coins to our preferred customers, with extraordinary results. We've consistent made Double-digit returns for investors, even during bullion market declines. And Triple digit returns during rising market cycles.

In fact, the last time conditions were even close to this good, during the financial crisis of 2008. Gold tripled in price & silver soared 500% turning $200k into $1 Million in just 2.5 years!

Best of all, increasing demand for physical gold & silver, along with dwindling supplies, assure future price increases.

In 2023 the stock, bond and real estate markets may get cut in half. And your money in the bank (CD's, money market accounts) is guaranteed to lose value through currency debasement. (inflation)

But, you can use the dollar devaluation to make once in a generation profits in gold. And double your retirement-savings in 2023...

Here's why prudent investors are converting IRA/401k retirement-savings out of the risky stock market & low yielding savings accounts, into the 37% CD Alternative...

💴 1 Year Guaranteed Gold CD.

  • 37% Average Annual Return.(2001 through 2021)
  • No Risk 12 Month Buy Back.
  • Always Liquid, Sell Anytime.
  • IRA/401k Approved.
  • Secured Physical Gold.
  • Only $10K Minimum.

Protection. No matter what the stock, bond or real estate market does. The 37% Gold CD is guaranteed. So there's absolutely no risk and your investment can only increase or maintain it's value.

Liquidity. The 37% Gold CD completely liquid and can be sold at anytime at the current market price. And since you physically hold your gold investment. You can also choose to keep it indefinitely.

Privacy. The 37% Gold CD is one of the few investments left that can be bought and sold anonymously. Of course, any profits are reportable as with any investment.

Profits. Enjoy the best of both worlds. The 37% Gold CD Alternative gives you unlimited profit potential... with no downside risk.

Act now! Due to overwhelming requests for inflation protection. The 37% Guaranteed Gold CD only has a limited number of account openings still available.

So, don't miss out on the opportunity to invest in America's only guaranteed physical gold account. That has provided double digit returns with no downside risk, before it closes to new investors.

Call (800) 723-8349 to reserve, or for more information 📞

37% Gold CD

  • To order call +1-800-723-8349 or order online by filling out the form.
  • * As of 12/2022 Gold price $1,800.
  • Mail payment to: Liberty Financial PO Box 6153 Garden Grove CA 92846
  • We only select the finest examples in the marketplace of PCGS & NGC certified U.S. gold and silver coins. We also include better date coins, when available, that are 10-20 times rarer than common date coins at little or no extra cost. This process can significantly increase the investments profit potential. Our wholesale prices and customer satisfaction guarantee, assures you of a risk free transaction every time. * S & H included in price * Lifetime guarantee of authenticity and grade of each coin * Coin values based on Nationally published price guides. We guarantee to buy back your gold or silver coins for at least a full purchase price you pay or higher, anytime after 24 months.