Make Triple Digit Returns in Gold with no-risk 💵

Make triple digit returns with no-risk, in U.S. Government issued gold.

Classic American gold & silver coins have been a popular method of storing wealth for generations, which is no surprise considering that they have outperformed the S&P 500 for the past 25 years ( PCGS 3000 Index) and appreciate at an average rate of 23% in years where inflation is at least 3%.

For conservative investors who want physical gold that is completely private and offers stronger upside potential than bullion. Classic American gold & silver coins are comparably priced with modern bullion coins yet have historical and numismatic value that bullion cannot match. They offer the best combination of low price, low premium, fundamental scarcity, and strong track record of leverage to the bullion price.

Investor Special – Historic U.S. Double Eagle’s at $500 Discount.

U.S. Double Eagle $20 St Gauden’s gold coins (1907- 1933) Are the most Beautiful and sought after U.S. gold currency ever issued. Recently a rare 1933 Saint Gauden’s auctioned for a record $18.9 million dollars. The highest price ever paid for a coin.

They combine true scarcity, high gold content, with historic low prices and premiums to create an extraordinary investment value.

Near gem MS64 $20 Double Eagle’s offer a superior track record of profitability over bullion. For about the same price as a common 1-ounce Gold Eagle, you can get a 100 year old U.S. gold coin that has traded at 300% above its intrinsic gold value, in the last 15 years.

The premium for MS64 $20 Saint’s (cost over intrinsic gold value) is near record lows today. This has created an unprecedented opportunity to own historic U.S. gold at bullion prices, and see triple digit gains in the coming months.

During the height of the financial crisis in 2009, these $20 Double Eagle’s traded at $2,700 with gold bullion at $925. That’s $6,200 at today’s gold price. And if gold trades at $2,500 an ounce in 2024 (Goldman Sachs forecast ) That’s $7,500 a coin.

When the premium reverts again, MS64 $20 Double Eagle’s would gain $3,750 from today’s low price of $2,450 More than double the current market value, with no change in the underlying gold price!

In fact, the last two bull markets in U.S. coins saw prices rise 665% and 1,095% (PCGS 3,000 Index.)

We have secured a small number of these classic American rarities, at the lowest price in the nation, with dates that are up to 5 times rarer than the most common dates, offering powerful investment leverage at no extra cost.

These rare historic coins are currently valued at $2,950 ( But, while they last, are making them available at dealer pricing of only $2,450 each*, a $500 savings!

Each coin has been certified by PCGS or NGC. And comes with our exclusive guarantee. Providing unlimited profit potential with no risk.

MS64 $20 St Gauden Double Eagle’s offer precisely the kind of “double play” leverage we look for in classic U.S. gold coins: The proven ability to rise by much more than their underlying gold price, because of fundamental scarcity and restricted supply in the national market.

Even a modest rise in demand can overwhelm existing market supplies, driving prices much higher, often very quickly.

So, don’t miss the last great buying opportunity, in the worlds cheapest asset.

Key Benefits:

  • Low premiums. Comparably priced with modern bullion coins yet, significantly rarer.
  • Proven crisis track record. Premiums tripled during the last financial crisis in 2009.
  • Exceptional scarcity. Only small number of survivors certified in mint state condition (PCGS & NGC) which means prices can rise sharply in gold bull market.

Special Offer

* $2,450 per coin – $500 Discount. Call now to reserve historic U.S. gold at bullion prices, before our limited quantity sells out & values rise again. It could be the most profitable call you make in 2024. (800) 723-8349 ☎

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