2019 Spring Update

The #1 Investment in America!

Long before the stock market existed, before our forefathers founded this great nation, even before the fall of the Roman Empire, gold & silver coins have been a passion and store of wealth for over 2,000 years. Beginning in Antiquity, the Roman Emperor Augustus Caesar delighted in collecting coins and gave them as gifts to his friends. During the Renaissance, members of Nobility and the Clergy actively collected coins for their artistic and historic value, leading people to call coin collecting the " Hobby of Kings." Two of our founding fathers-Thomas Jefferson & John Adams were avid coin collectors and for decades U.S. gold coins have served as a discreet asset accumulation vehicle for some of the wealthiest families in America- like the Morgans ( J.P. Morgan) DuPont's (DuPont Chemical) Heinz (Ketchup) Bushnell's ( Bausch & Lomb) & Hunts (Oil). Not to mention several billionaires who wish to keep their privacy, and it's easy to see why...


  • Wealth Creation - Classic American gold coins have an unparalleled track record of double digit growth over the past 70 years, outperforming every other asset class by a wide margin. Creating the perfect estate planning and wealth accumulation vehicle. In fact, the last time the Solomon Brothers brokerage firm included this vehicle in it's annual Investment survey, U.S. coins ranked #1 over the prior 20-year span, with an average annual return of 17.3%. In other words, it was the single most profitable thing you could do with your money over the previous 20 years.

It beat stocks, bonds, ordinary gold & silver, artwork, diamonds, U.S. Treasury bills, real estate and oil, according to an article in the Chicago Tribune.

  • Asset Protection - Classic American gold & silver coins are the only investment asset that has increased in value over the last half century while the U.S. Dollar has lost over 87% of it's buying power-providing proven protection against currency debasement and inflation.
  • Privacy - While stocks, bonds, cash and even gold and silver bullion are subject to IRS reporting requirements, U.S. rare coins are one of the last investment assets that are not required to be registered with any government agency and can be bought and sold anonymously-providing protection from civil action and liability.
  • Liquidity - A billion dollar liquid buy/sell market on several NASDAQ like trading networks that rival the equity market makes the U.S.Gold coin market the most liquid tangible asset in the world.
  • Affordability- When compared to the cost of other popular tangible investment vehicles like real estate, paintings & diamonds; classic American coins are extremely affordable- with gem quality investment grade coins starting at only a few thousand dollars. They offer unparalleled profit potential and a proven track record of appreciation.


If double digit returns, privacy and peace of mind are important to your investment strategy, than owning pre-1933 U.S.Gold coins are the perfect estate planning & wealth accumulation vehicle. And with premiums on many classic American gold coins at historic lows again, never before has there been a better time to build your wealth and protect your assets...

That's why experts believe $25,000 Investment in selected U.S. gold coins now, could grow into $100,000 over the next few years!

We encourage you to make U.S. Gold & silver coins a part of your investment portfolio today, it could be the most profitable decision you will ever make...